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Hello NeonNetwork Player

You may have seen around that we refer to a large selection of modifications as "Blacklisted Modifications", which may also confuse some people, as there are thin lines at times on things you can and can't use. This post is going to try and clear that grey area up as much as possible.

Strictly Forbidden

This section will cover all of the modifications that were strictly do not allow at any time on the server, unless permission has been given by Administration to do so.

Hacked Clients, of any sort (wurst, sigma, etc.)
External Cheats (koid, cheatengine, etc.)
Inject Cheats (vape, drip, etc.)
Macros (5zig's, LiteLoader mod, etc.)
Auto Clickers (mouse software macros, external programs, etc.)
Minimaps (forge/fabric mods, LabyMod's minimap, etc.)
"Bhop" mod / Staff Bhop / Squake / etc.
Staff Fly / Fly Mods / etc.
Staff Xray / Xray Mods / etc.
Texturepacks that adjust block opacity (Xray)
Fly Speed Editors (includes LabyMod's ToggleSneak)
Nametags / Staff Nametags / etc.
Tracers Mods


One thing to work by is that you shouldn't use anything that can give you an unfair advantage over other players, be it in combat, grinding-wise, etc. This includes Hacks, but also modifications that allow for changing things like breaking speed, the opacity of blocks, how nametags render, your movement and flight speed/patterns, any macros for anything at all.

Other Disallowed Advantages

There are sometimes things that aren't mods/adjustments that can get you banned. Some of these are listed below.

"Double Click" Mouses
Using a second mouse to double your CPS
Drag Clicking (we advise not doing it)
Using both a mouse and a laptop trackpad


You often never need to click higher than around 10-15 cps on the server at any given time, so boosting your cps to >20 cps can cause room for "false bans" on the network. Staff will freeze and screenshare users to investigate, but can also ban based on anticheat notifications if suspicious enough. If you are false banned, please make an appeal and we will get everything cleared up. Do not blame the staff member for the action, they're just trying to do their job as good as possible, it's all a learning curve.

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