Screensharing | What's it all about?
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So, you may have heard a lot about "screensharing" lately, but what really is it? Well, in this post we're going to try help you understand as much as you can.

➤ Tools Used

Often, players being screenshared worry about the tools we use being "malicious" or a possible "virus". This is greatly considered by us as administration, seeing as we care about security as much as you do.
All tools used by the team are verified with administrators, and will near enough always have an appropriate "https:://" link related to them.

Some of the tools we use are below, not all can be shown as they change from time to time, or staff member to staff member.

  • AnyDesk - this allows for a faster screenshare experience, compressing something that could take hours into under half an hour at most. You as the player have access to disable "file transferring", and if you feel anything is wrong then please contact the administration team.
  • Automatic Tools - Tools like Echo, Paladin, etc. are often flagged by antivirus scans falsely for being a sort of "trojan". This is not to worry about, as it flags due to the extensive checks these tools use. They search for specific "strings", little pieces of code left behind by clients, and tell us that they exist if they do.
  • Other Utilities - Tools like Process Hacker, Java Decompiler, etc. are used to manually do what the above Automatic Tools would often do within seconds. It's a longer process, but gets the same job done.

Refusing to using the tools can result in a ban, as you would therefore be refusing to screenshare a staff member. If you wish to, you can run any of the tools through virus checks and 99% of the time they will be clear (read about previously mentioned Automatic Tools).

➤ Non-tool Methods

Staff members sometimes use various other ways to check for any suspicious files, some of which are listed below.

  • Command Prompt Commands - running specific commands that show information in an orderly format for a staff member to quickly read, this is common practice within the team, and often advised to use for a faster screenshare process.
  • Folder Checking - sometimes, we might look through folders like temporarily stored files from programs (cached files), downloads, recycle bin, your desktop, etc. This just ensures that there are no hidden files that might cause for suspicion.
  • Software Checking - checking through things like mouse macros / gaming software, etc. is often done to ensure players don't have an auto clicking macro being used.

This document is bound to update, but it is players' responsibilities to check on it for any changes.

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